A new immersive sound art installation for a town centre


Produced by David Gaffney


Composed by Minute Taker


Sound device by Chris Ball​

Fanfare Demo - Minute Taker
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Listen to the audio clip above for an example of how several musical segments could sound when played together.

When you open the door to a shop a bell rings to tell the owner a customer has arrived.


Imagine if, instead, every time you walk past a shop a short piece of music is played to the whole street.  


Imagine if all the shops on the street got together and commissioned a composer to design their shop's individual tune.


And imagine each shop's tune being triggered as you walk past doorways, creating a miniature symphony of musical segments being played together in harmony and providing a feel-good soundtrack to your day.


A unique symphony every time, with an infinite number of possible sound combinations as other shoppers on the street trigger tunes from all around.


People would make a special trip to hear this piece of immersive sound art which has been specially designed by the shop owners, drawing on their musical tastes and their shop’s specific trade, and incorporating everything from sweeping cellos and bleeping synthesizers to clattering everyday objects and soaring community brass bands.  


It would make your town centre a very special place, different to any other.


That's Fanfare.

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