27th November 2016
Ben has released a home recording of him covering Kate Bush's 'And Dram Of Sheep' from her new 'Before The Dawn' live album.  Watch it on the video page.
13th November 2016
Tickets are now on sale for the 2017 tour of dark stage musical HOAX My Lonely Heart.  Tour includes Manchester, Liverpool, Grimsby, York and Barnsley.  Minute Taker will perfom the music live during every show.   Find out more about the HOAX project and ticket booking here.
11th July 2016

To Love Somebody Melancholy, Minute Taker's audiovisual show in collaboration with animator Ana Stefaniak is set to tour in mid 2017.  Check out the new project page here which includes a brand new extended trailer featuring clips of the songs, animations and footage from the premiere at Chorlton Arts Festival 2015.

29th March 2016
HOAX My Lonely Heart, the dark musical Minute Taker composed, has received a strategic touring grant from Arts Council England to tour across the North of Enland in Spring 2017.  Over 30 shows are being arranged and Ben will perform the music live.  Tour venues and dates TBA.  More information about the HOAX project can be found here
10th January 2016
Minute Taker has composed the soundtrack for a new play The Lonely Walk Home, written by BBC award winning writer Ian Townsend and starring CJ de Mooi (TV's Eggheads).  It will premiere at Taurus Bar, Manchester 1-12 February 2016.  More information and tickets available here
18th September 2015

Minute Taker will perform a free one hour show at Manchester's Royal Exhcange Theatre on 9th October at 5.30pm.

23rd June 2015

Minute Taker's stripped down performance at Manchester's Whitworth Art Gallery  for Poets and Players on 30th May was filmed and is now available to watch online here, featuring the songs Too Busy Framing, Somewhere Under Water, My Electric Wire and Tin Box.

7th May 2015

The 405 have written a feature on Minute Taker and his upcoming album / audiovisual show To Love Somebody Melancholy"It is McGarvey's inimitable voice combined with a lyrical honesty and broody, accessible sonic oddballness, which set him apart from the obvious compare-to 'leading males' he's been measured against in the past".  Read the feature here. 

5th May 2015

Time Out Manchester have chosen To Love Somebody Melancholy as one of their top picks for Chorlton Arts Festival, praising Ben: "In an ideal world where talent equated with success, Ben McGarvey, (Minute Taker), would be selling a shedload of albums... The man is superb."  Read the feature here


Also, My Fizzy Pop have written a feature about Minute Taker's cover of Madonna's Ghostown: "His beautiful studied piano-vocal version of the Madonna track is like a gift from the heavens".  Read the article here.

26th April 2015

Minute Taker has posted a work in progress performance video of one of the songs from the forthcoming song cycle / AV show To Love Somebody Melancholy.  Watch here.

14th April 2015

Minute Taker has recorded an candlelit piano rendition the new Madonna single Ghosttown.  Watch the video here.

6th April 2015

Tickets are now available for the premiere of Minute Taker's new audio-visual show To Love Somebody Melancholy at Chorlton Arts Festival on Thursday 21 May.  The project began as a song cycle/concept album which Minute Taker has been writing for several years.  He will perform the music live with a small orchestral band and accompanying projected visuals by Award-winning illustrator/animator Ana Stefaniak at the beautiful St Werburgh's Church in Cholrton.   Visit the Chorlton Art Festivals website here for tickets  

1st April 2015

SNS Online have released a feature length interview with Ben, discussing and showcasing his musical output to date including his 2 albums, dark musical HOAX My Lonely Heart, The Spiels, and delving into his influences and approach to songwriting.  Ben also performs a new song from his upcoming AV Show To Love Somebody Melancholy.  The one hour show is available to stream on Soundcloud here.  

24th March 2015

Minute Taker will be opening for SAMOANS at Sound Control, Manchester on 2 April.  Discounted tickets available here.

1st February 2015

Minute Taker will open for SIVU at Manchester's Soup Kitchen on 18 March 2015.  Also other shows announced.  See the SHOWS page for more information.  

30th January 2015

New AV Show "To Love Somebody Melancholy" Coming May 2015

Minute Taker has written a concept album called To Love Somebody Melancholy which he is adapting into an audio-visual performance in collaboration with animator Ana Stefaniak.  Supported by Arts Council England, the show will premiere at Chorlton Arts Festival in May 2015.  More information coming very soon.  Check out Ana Stefaniak's short film Dreamlands here.

20th January 2015

US electronic singer-songwriter and producer Christopher Norman has remixed Minute Taker's lastest track Lead You HomeListen here.

5th January 2015

My Fizzy Pop have reviewed Lead You Home, describing the song as "beautifully crafted poetry set to mesmerising music. Ben takes you on a beguiling journey that conjures up images of stark winter wonderlands so breathtaking that you get lost in the music and surrounded by a swirling fog of memories and recollections"Click here to read the full review. 

3rd January 2015

Blushing Panda describe Minute Taker's brand new track Lead You Home as "A brilliant start to the year for Minute Taker".  Read their write-up here.

1st January 2015

Minute Taker has released a brand new track Lead You Home, written and recorded in December 2014.  Ben describes the track as an "electro-pop orientated, ghostly winter love song about the power that music possesses to transcend time and space, allowing us to connect with places and loved ones long gone."  Check out Lead You Home on Soundcloud here.

28th September 2014

Minute Taker will be performing at the Happy Hoax Fundraising Party to celebrate World Mental Health Day 2014 at Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester on Sunday 12 October.  The event has been organised by Ziggy’s Wish (a new social enterprise that uses cross-media storytelling to promote empathy and awareness across a range of social issues) in connection to Ravi Thornton's musical HOAX My Lonely Heart which Ben composed/performed the music for earlier this year.  There will be a mixture of music and poetry and Ravi will be talking about HOAX, Ziggy’s Wish and what we can do to overcome stigma attached to mental health conditions in society.  All proceeds of the event go to Manchester Mind.  More information and tickets available here.

16th June 2014

Following on from the success of HOAX, Royal Exchange Theatre have invited Minute Taker to perform a one hour show as part of their weekly Special FX artist showcases.  Minute Taker will be performing on Friday 27th June at 6pm, playing the theatre's grand piano along with glockenspiel, guitar, synth and loop station.  The show is free and you can enjoy happy hour drinks from the Royal Exchange bar.  More information can be found on the Royal Exchange Website.  

13th June 2014

HOAX My Lonely Heart sold out it's 4 night run at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre earlier this month.  A big thanks from the team for all who came along.  The plan is for the show to tour in 2014.  Check out the positive reviews of HOAX by The Good Review and The Public Reviews.  

4th June 2014

Minute Taker's This Dark Man from HOAX My Lonely Heart was featured on this week's Lost on Radio Podcast by Right Chord Music.  Listen here.

3rd June 2014

Minute Taker will be opening for alternative Swedish pop outfit Simian Ghost at Gullivers in Manchester next Tuesday  - 10th June at 7.30pm.  Be sure to mention that you're there to see Minute Taker and you'll get in for the discounted entry of £5.


After a year and a half in the making, HOAX My Lonely Heart, the dark stage musical finally opens at Manchester's Royal Exchange Studio tomorrow.  Out of the 4 shows there are now only tickets left for Thursday (5th) night so book your tickets quickly if you haven't already.  Minute Taker will be performing the music live and will be taking part in a post-show discussion / question panel along with writer Ravi Thornton and director Benji Reid.  Tickets are available from the Royal Exchange website here.  

28th April 2014



Minute Taker has unveiled 2 of the songs from upcoming stage musical HOAX My Lonely Heart and they are available to download for free. Ben will be performing the music live during the show, accompanying the 2 characters. A Captain will be sung by Rob (played by Tachia Newall) and This Dark Man by Helen (played by Olivia Sweeney), but here both songs are sung by Ben.


A Captain and This Dark Man are now available to download for free here.

20th April 2014

Tom Robinson played Minute Taker's song Skeleton Dance on his Fresh On The Net show on BBC Radio 6 Music last week and again on The Tom Robinson Show last night.  Tom talks a bit about Ben and the upcoming stage musical HOAX My Lonely Heart.  Listen for 7 days here (Minute Taker is featured at 45:30).  

14th April 2014

Ben has answered 10 questions for We Are All Recycled blog's Music Monday.  Read the interview here.

24th March 2014

Minute Taker’s song Merge was played by Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6 Music on Sunday as part of a special show about Kate Bush. Ben is featured around 1 hour into the show as a new artist who’s been influenced by Kate. You can listen to the show for 7 days on the BBC i-player here.

13th March 2014

Random Travels describe Alkali as "a crooning, keening, anti-love song with a haunting guitar/percussion soundscape matching gorgeous melodic vocals".  Read the full Alkali EP review here.  

9th March 2014

Minute Taker has recorded 2 new performance videos of Alkali and My Electric Wire.  Watch on the VIDEO page here.

6th March 2014

Several new music blog features this week for Minute Taker...


A Music Blog, Yea? have made Alkali their song of the week, describing it as "a stunning piece of folk-pop".  Read the feature here.


The 405 have featured Minute Taker's track Skeleton Dance (the b-side to Alkali) in their 10 New Artists You Should Be Listening To This Week.  Read what they had to say here.


Blushing Panda also featured Skeleton Dance, saying "it’s like listening to a feature track from Beetlejuice or the Adams Family."  Read the article here.  


Life Of A Rockstar featured the Alkali video, describing it as "a voice that could calm a torrential rain juxtaposed with a Hitchcock type "sick and frightened" destroyed mutant of a man in desperate need of alkali."  Read the article here.


1st March 2014

Minute Taker's new single Alkali, along with new track Skeleton Dance, will be available to buy on 3rd March from digital stores.   An exclusive Alkali EP will be available from the Octagonal Records Store featuring 2 further tracks; Beast and an early version of Tin Box named A Tin Box Stuffed With Souls.  Ben describes the new EP tracks as crazy little mundane fairy tales that were recorded during the making of the Last Things album.  Click here to buy the Alkali EP.


21st February 2014

The 405 premiered Minute Taker's first ever music video today.  Crafted by Ben himself, the Alkali video features clips from the 1922 expressionist film Nosferatu, interwoven with degraded self-portrait footage and silent film-era narrational captions.  Read The 405 article and view the Alkali video here.

20th February 2014

Minute Taker is to release the third single from his second album Last Things. The new single Alkali is accompanied by Minute Taker’s first music video.  Alkali with b-side Skeleton Dance will be released as a digital single on 3 March 2014 on Ben’s own label Octagonal Records, available worldwide from digital stores.


18th February 2014

Minute Taker will be opening for Nerina Pallot at St. Pancras Old Church, London on 26th February.

3rd February 2014

Minute Taker has composed the music for a new stage musical Hoax: My Lonely Heart which will be shown at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre Studio from 4th to 7th June 2014.  Minute Taker will be performing the music live for each performance.  Hard and heartbreaking, Hoax is a dark musical fuelled by those most destructive of tendencies: love and self-sabotage.  More information and tickets available on the Royal Exchange website here.

10th November 2013

Minute Taker will perform a special end of year live concert at Manchester's Three Minute Theatre on Saturday 14th December 2013.  More information can be found on the LIVE page.

2nd September 2013

Ben has resumed the All Things Last Things mini blog series with a new set of videos where he discusses the concepts behind each of the songs on the album.   Click here to view on YouTube.


20th August 2013

Fashion Soundtrack publish an in-depth article about Minute Taker and describe Last Things as  "a sleek album, loaded with the digital intimacy, hypnotic motifs, story-telling charisma and lo-fi ethereal loneliness that twenty-first-century folk should embody....A pioneer of the folktronic scene, Minute Taker’s latest album tracks a story of digitised loneliness and introspection."  Read the article here.


28th June 2013

Minute Taker is confirmed to perform at REVOLUTION: PUSSY RIOT SENTENCING COMMEMORATION FESTIVAL taking place on Sunday 18th August at ISLINGTON MILL, MANCHESTER.  For more information visit the LIVE page.


​​10th June 2013

Minute Taker will perform a short set at Gullivers, Manchester for their free Acoustica! night on 26th June 2013.  Facebook event page here.

1st June 2013

Extar's Cube and Versais-Demauve have written reviews of Minute's recent show at Manchester's Ruby Lounge supporting David Lynch's Chrysta Bell.  Click the links to view the full articles...  

​"A Spine-tingling a cappella looped opening gave way to scratches, bleeps, glitches and glockenspiel that came together beautifully to create something both ethereal and immediate – the DIY music mentality of Tom Vek with the otherworldly presence of Bjork." Versais-Demauve

"By about half-way through the set I was thoroughly convinced he was fucking amazing and totally enjoyed the rest of his songs. I can't remember the last time I saw a support act I liked so much." Extar's Cube

17th May 2013

Trendland write about Last Things.  Check out the feature here.

11th May 2013

a music blog, yea? interview Minute Taker.  Ben talks about everything from his favourite songs on Last Things to being almost sexually assaulted by a drunk girl at a gig. There's also mention of a hypothetical tea party with Billie Holiday, Karen Carpenter and Kate Bush.  Read the interview here.

4th May 2013

Life of a Rock Star interview Minute Taker.  Read the article here

3rd May 2013

Attitude Magazine Online interview Minute Taker in relation to his new single Let It Go discussing everything from the pursuit of ideal love to the X Factor.  Read the full article here.

1st May 2013

As Artist of the Week Minute Taker is interviewed by Right Chord Music for their Lost On Radio podcast.  Click here to listen.

Also, read about Minute Taker on Wikipedia here.

30th April 2013

Musiceyz review Last Things: "McGarvey wraps his lonely hearts / lonely nights odysseys with an unpredictable electronic sheen that serves to jolt the listener – in a pleasant manner"Click here to read.

29th April 2013

Right Chord Music feature Minute Taker as Artist of the Week and praise Last Things.  "Dark, symbolic and modern; Minute Taker is the relief from mundane, ordinary music. Giving you something to think about, something to explore and something to play on repeat, ‘Last Things’ is everything you could want from an album."  Read the full article here.

​24th April 2013

Minute Taker premiers lyric video for new single Let It Go.  Check out AltSounds feature here.

Plus Merge is praised in SeeSound's Champion Sounds Podcast.

23rd April 2013

Minute Taker will be supporting David Lynch presents Chrysta Bell at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester on 24th May.  Visit the LIVE page for more information.

21st April 2013

Minute Taker has announced a free 1 hour concert at The Molly House in Manchester's gay village on Sunday 5th May at 8pm.   Click here to visit the Facebook event page.



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