"a mix of haunting melodies, electronic beats and soulful singing.  The man is superb"

- Time Out


"It is McGarvey's inimitable voice combined with a lyrical honesty and broody, accessible sonic oddballness, which set him apart"  

- The 405


“Epic, otherworldly sounds in an intimate show, with digital trickery."

- The Guardian


"singer/songwriter with that rarest of things in the genre; imagination." 

- Clash


"McGarvey has locked himself away in his bedroom and crafted songs of true otherworldly magic and splendour."

- Manchester Evening News


"Last Things is a beautiful collection of electronic-orientated pop songs that sound like old recordings that have been rediscovered and restored by a renegade computer; glitching and looping."

- Planet Notion 


"a haunting take on modern folk"

- Red Online


"an explansive, electronic mass of noise"

- DrunkenWerewolf 


"Last Things is an eleven-track masterpiece...Dark, symbolic and modern"

- Right Chord Music

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