Minute Taker is the pseudonym of UK alternative singer-songwriter & producer Ben McGarvey.  Inspired by imaginative artists such as Kate Bush, Tori Amos, David Bowie & Björk, he uses layers of emotive vocals, haunting piano motifs, distorted electronic beats & deep, dark synths to create what NOTION describes as "beautiful electronic-orientated pop songs.... glitching & looping".


To date, he has released 2 critically acclaimed albums TOO BUSY FRAMING (2008) & LAST THINGS (2013) plus mini-album RECONSTRUCTION (2017) & a series of albums called SECRET SONGS, featuring unreleased material available exclusively for fans as part of a subscription plan.  VOLUME 3, his first covers album, was released in December 2018, featuring very different interpretations of songs by artists such as Pet Shop Boys, Eurythmics, The Smiths & Madonna.

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Minute Taker also remixes songs for other artists (YAZOO, ERASURE) & composes soundtracks for theatre, including HOAX, a dark musical based on the true story of a young man living with schizophrenia (UK tour, 2017) & song cycle TO LOVE SOMEBODY MELANCHOLY, an audio-visual collaboration with animator Ana Stefaniak exploring the relationship between creativity & depression (UK tour, 2017).


Minute Taker is currently putting the finishing touches on his new album WOLF HOURS, which also forms the soundtrack to his latest audiovisual show, a surreal, nocturnal journey into the psyches of gay men at different points in time.  WOLF HOURS, the show, premiered at Waterside’s REFRACT:19 festival in July 2019 and is coming to Manchester's Hope Mill Theatre on 24 January.



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