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'Volume 8: Soon After Dark', the extended mixes album, available now!


'Volume 9: Wolf Hours Mirror Edition' coming soon!





Ben, aka Minute Taker here.


Do you know, despite putting out 2 albums and several EPs, I have in fact only released a small percentage of my recordings?  Crazy I know but the reality is that it takes an awful lot of time and money to put albums out. 


So I had this idea of a new, direct and personal way to share all of these songs with you, as part of a subscription plan that also includes a whole host of other exclusive stuff.

So presenting 'Secret Songs'!


Here's what you get...

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All the ‘Secret Songs’ album volumes (2 - 3 per year) featuring:

  • Non-album songs

  • Cover versions

  • Alternate and acoustic versions

  • Collaborations

  • Remixes

Each volume includes a scrapbook featuring lyrics, photos and notes about the inspiration and story behind each song

Access to my Secret Facebook Fan Community 

where I regularly host:

  • Exclusive online concerts

  • Behind the scenes clips from my home studio

  • Live interviews

  • Song sessions where I talk about my writing and production processes

  • Online music quizzes (where I sing & play the questions!) with exclusive merchandise prizes

  • And lots of chat amongst members about our favourite music and other things that inspire us!

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Downloads of my whole back-catalogue of albums / EPs

Access to secret pages on my website which feature exclusive unreleased videos of performances

And you get to play a big part in helping me to sustain myself as an artist, providing me with an income as I focus on writing and recording my upcoming albums 😀


There are a few different plans to choose from...


TIER 1 : Download Plan

Everything mentioned above, including download versions of all of my albums/EPs including the Secret Songs series with digital scrapbooks (for homemade CD editions see tier 2 below)

Volumes 1-4.jpg

TIER 2: Homemade CD Plan

Everything in tier 1 plus... 


Handmade CD editions of all future 'Secret Songs’ albums (2 - 3 per year) including the new extended mixes album 'Volume 8: Soon After Dark'


Downloads of all past 'Secret Songs' volumes included.

Paper scrapbooks for each volume, featuring lyrics, photos, extensive song notes & a personal dedication to you inside.

Previous CD editions available to buy for members only (get the complete set!)

TIER 3: Patron Level Plan


Everything in tiers 1 and 2 plus...


A 30 minute one-to-one online chat session with me every year

Plus a special thank you to you in the credits of my upcoming albums

'Volume 1:
Songs for Lost Lovers'
11 unreleased synth-pop songs including my cover of Björk's 'Violently Happy' & a very different early version of my single 'The Weight Of It All'  
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'Volume 2: Almost'
My previously unreleased first album, recorded back in 2002.  A journey into my imagination as I struggle to fall asleep one night. Sparse, haunting, ethereal piano/guitar songs with violins, harmonica & flute.
Front cover (made from screenshot due to
'Volume 3: Covers'
My interpretations of songs by some of my favourite artists including Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Eurythmics, Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths, Madonna & more.
'Volume 4: Office Daydreams'
Songs inspired by all of the strange things that used to pop into my imagination when I worked in offices (as a Minute Taker!), dreaming the days away.
COVER - SS5 Early Songs.jpg
'Volume 5: Early Songs'
Featuring some of my first ever songs from back when I was a teenager, including my first ever recording, a cover of Tori Amos' 'Caught A Lite Sneeze' & a love song I wrote for PJ Harvey.
SS6 Front cover SMALL.jpg

'Volume 6: Remixes'
Featuring imaginative remixes of my songs by other artists, including an extended version of SEA OF SIN's remix of 'Hearts' & a beautiful remix of my Kate Bush cover 'Under The Ivy' by arkadash.
SS7 Front cover.png

'Volume 7: Piano Songs'
Focusing on piano-vocal songs I played live online during the lockdown period, including stripped-down versions of my latest singles plus my Depeche Mode & Eurythmics covers.
SS8 FRONT COVER (new release).png

'Volume 8: Soon After Dark'
A sister album to my upcoming non-secret album 'Wolf Hours' featuring extended mixes of recent singles plus non-album tracks and covers, as one long continuous mix (80s style!)
Some comments from subscribers after receiving'Secret Songs Volume 1'...
"It’s an absolutely fantastic album, full of very personal songs/lyrics and Just put together with such love and honesty! I can appreciate how much,love time and care went into this!🎼🎤👍"
"Thank you Ben.... The combination of your moving vocals and music is so addictive!"
"Secret Songs Vol.1 arrived today 😀 Such an amazing collection - If You Stay is utterly heartbreaking. Thanks so much Ben! x"
"I love it all; I don’t think I’ve come across an artist in years who makes such consistently great music Ben."
"Thank you for creating such a wonderful and personal booklet to accompany the CD... Your music is such a gift."
"What another fantastic album! I think Take Me Back jumps out the most at the moment if I were to pick just one but the whole collection is superb and I’m currently listening on repeat. Well done and thank you once again Ben🙂"

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I'll look forward to welcoming you to 'Secret Songs'!

Ben 😀